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We have all of your packing materials available

A move means planning ahead with your packing. Packing materials can be notoriously hard to find, and to plan for. Come to Kinney & Son Moving & Storage to purchase every packing material that you may need. We offer everything from boxes, to padding and tape.

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Moving dictates that you have boxes of all sizes to fit everything that you own. Kinney & Son Moving & Storage can provide you with all the moving boxes that you may need. Whether you are packing large furs and winter coats, or if you have several small kitchen items that must be packed together, we can give you the boxes and materials needed to protect and move your belongings.  


Select boxes of all sizes

- Large boxes

- Medium boxes

- Small boxes

- Packing tape

- Bubble wrap

- Packing peanuts

For moving, we offer:

Make your move quicker, by getting the boxes that you need!

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